A spiritual memoir that offers an honest depiction of the task to forgive, in all its ups and downs, Forgiving Them humbly shares the story of a woman searching for her true life and real love. Full of biblical wisdom and encouragement, Hill’s journey will inspire you to take a fresh look at your own life.

This true story begins with a twelve-year-old girl who just wants to experience a carefree childhood for once in her life, but instead finds herself on the receiving end of treatment that would be devastating to even an adult. Betrayed by the very people who should protect and care for her—and unable to understand why—she feels helpless and lost.
Over time, she wishes she could just forget all their hurtful words and actions. However, she discovers that ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. While “let go, and let God,” sounds like a good idea, it can diminish suffering in a harmful way. And when she tries to release her painful memories, her bitterness and anger seem to only increase.

Author Rosie M. Hill is a neurodiagnostic technologist who has learned through her work about the significant connection between memories and emotions in the brain—and this is her story. Hill details how, as an adult, she has a breakthrough when she realizes that there are both biological and spiritual forces contributing to her emotional bondage and that engaging them both might release her from the pain of her past