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Redemptive Divorce, by Mark Gaither

Buy Now A Biblical Process that Offers Guidance for the Suffering Partner, Healing for the Offending Spouse, and the Best Catalyst for Restoration.

Peace by Piece, by Sandra Kellogg Roth

Buy Now “As I hung up the phone, the enormity of what had just been given to me seemed to smother the life inside of me..I was a Holocaust survivor.” Having grown up in post-WWII Poland, Peter Loth knew very little about his past. As an

Forgiveness versus the Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness, by Rosie Hill

Buy Now In Rosie M. Hill’s workbook Forgiveness Versus the Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness, the neurodiagnostic technologist and respected author re-explores the material covered in Neurotheology Reveals the Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness. This informative and uplifting workbook emphasizes the link between behavior, spirituality, and the process

Neurotheology Reveals the Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness, by Rosie Hill

Buy Now The relationship between brain function and forgiveness cannot be disputed. However, it has taken one woman’s daring foray into an entirely new area ;Neurodiagnostic Technologist Rosie M. Hill’s fascinating book, Neurotheology Reveals The Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness ;to explain clearly and passionately how unforgiveness

Forgiving Them, by Rosie Hill

Buy Now A spiritual memoir that offers an honest depiction of the task to forgive, in all its ups and downs, Forgiving Them humbly shares the story of a woman searching for her true life and real love. Full of biblical wisdom and encouragement, Hill’s journey

The Covering, by Rosie Hill

Buy Now Rosie M. Hill today, you might be surprised at her painful beginnings. Now confidently carrying descriptors such as wife, mother, college graduate, neurodiagnostic technologist, author, co-founder of the Fruit of Forgiveness Ministry, and national speaker, Rosie once suffered under the weight of labels such