Get Heart Healthy by Lifting Weight

Weight training can contribute big benefits to a healthy heart. Most of us talk about losing weight in some manner or another. Don’t we? Consider that there is a different weight we can carry that can weigh us down … unforgiveness. We may feel the weight of it every day spiritually, emotionally and physically. Let’s […]

Voices, Part 1

Have you ever thought about all the voices vying for your attention? Think about it, since birth, sound has been a large part of your daily life. First, there are your parents holding and talking to you, other family and friends eager for a chance to hold you and make weird sounds that no one […]

Redemptive Divorce, by Mark Gaither

Buy Now A Biblical Process that Offers Guidance for the Suffering Partner, Healing for the Offending Spouse, and the Best Catalyst for Restoration.

Peace by Piece, by Sandra Kellogg Roth

Buy Now “As I hung up the phone, the enormity of what had just been given to me seemed to smother the life inside of me..I was a Holocaust survivor.” Having grown up in post-WWII Poland, Peter Loth knew very little about his past. As an adult, even the few details Peter thought he understood […]

Forgiveness versus the Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness, by Rosie Hill

Buy Now In Rosie M. Hill’s workbook Forgiveness Versus the Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness, the neurodiagnostic technologist and respected author re-explores the material covered in Neurotheology Reveals the Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness. This informative and uplifting workbook emphasizes the link between behavior, spirituality, and the process of forgiveness. As before, Hill uses her own history […]

Neurotheology Reveals the Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness, by Rosie Hill

Buy Now The relationship between brain function and forgiveness cannot be disputed. However, it has taken one woman’s daring foray into an entirely new area ;Neurodiagnostic Technologist Rosie M. Hill’s fascinating book, Neurotheology Reveals The Covert Bondage of Unforgiveness ;to explain clearly and passionately how unforgiveness is associated with brain function, and how learning to […]

Forgiving Them, by Rosie Hill

Buy Now A spiritual memoir that offers an honest depiction of the task to forgive, in all its ups and downs, Forgiving Them humbly shares the story of a woman searching for her true life and real love. Full of biblical wisdom and encouragement, Hill’s journey will inspire you to take a fresh look at […]

Jim Brown

Jim and Rachel Brown, members of Grace Church in Overland Park, Kansas, have been married for 35 years and are parents to three adult children. For many years they have facilitated, counseled and mentored married couples through the complexities of relationship issues. They currently facilitate an Over 50’s group and are also associated with Celebrate Recovery, a Christian based organization […]