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We have recommended readings and resources from our team to support you on your forgiveness journey.

Recommended Reads

Forgiveness Prayer

Thank you Father, for you are a forgiving God, and I am the fruit of your forgiveness. Because I am the fruit of forgiveness, I must and will forgive anyone who offends me. I recognize that I cannot accomplish this on my own; I acknowledge that sometimes my faith will be weak, my heart will be wicked, and my mind clouded with hostile thoughts, completely different from your thoughts. But I pray that each time the deceiver speaks to me, you will open the windows of wisdom, and shower me with peace in my heart and mind. With that peace, I will fix my thoughts on your word. Then I will be able to resist sinful suggestions, and abide in the truth that will make me free once again. Now, in this moment of serenity, my soul joyfully cries out to you Lord. By your grace, I will make the number one goal in my life to bear fruit of forgiveness that will bring you glory. Amen!!!

Fruit of Forgiveness Blog:

Helping the Thinker to Believe and the Believer to Think

Get Heart Healthy by Lifting Weight

Weight training can contribute big benefits to a healthy heart. Most of us talk about losing weight in some manner or another. Don’t we? Consider that there is a different weight we can carry that can weigh us down … unforgiveness. We may feel the weight of it every day spiritually, emotionally and physically. Let’s talk about losing the weight of unforgiveness. The Bible teaches us about every

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Voices, Part 1

Have you ever thought about all the voices vying for your attention? Think about it, since birth, sound has been a large part of your daily life. First, there are your parents holding and talking to you, other family and friends eager for a chance to hold you and make weird sounds that no one understands, TV and the radio cranking out a variety of Bupkis. From birth

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