Why Forgiveness From Sydnie Petty

Dear Friends, As a young member of the Fruit of Forgiveness Ministry, I see the importance of forgiveness in not only my life personally, but of my family’s, friend’s, and other’s lives around me. Also as a teenager, I am very excited not only about being a part of the ministry, but also about my involvement as a youth leader. I wanted to take the time to write this letter to you. The Fruit of Forgiveness Ministry is an organization that is designed to help everyday people overcome one of the difficult if not the hardest obstacle in life, which is forgiveness. The Fruit of Forgiveness Ministry is a non-profit organization, so the reason why the organization was established was not to fill our pockets, but to fill other’s hearts with compassion and the willingness to forgive. The ministry offers this opportunity through seminars which are broken up into break-out sessions and a variety of facilitators so everyone has a choice of which facilitator they would like to listen to. Some facilitators are members of the ministry like Mrs. Rosie Hill, and others are guest speakers who minister about their lives and show how they learned how to forgive like Peter Loth, holocaust survivor, but each facilitator has their way of teaching to reach their listeners. Now, as you may already know, every organization has to have some kind of income in order for it to operate the way it was designed to. Some of the needs that will need to be met through funds are: advertisements, culinary preparation, the website, guest speakers that are coming in, people who are taking place of security, sponsors to other organizations to help spread out ministry worldwide, and etc. So your support for the ministry’s funds is very important to help keep this ministry growing and thriving. There are different ways of supporting the ministry through donating. You have the option of a onetime donation, a monthly donation, or just donating whenever you are financially able to. The choice is up to you, we just need your financial support. The goal is $50,000. It is a big goal, but every donation counts. Now, when you are ready to donate, you have the option of going to, at any time or click on the Home page of this site and click on the Donate Button to make your contribution. Another option is to write a check to  Fruit of Forgiveness Ministry  When you click on Donate, you will be directed to Share Faith Giving who is the host of this website and manages our online giving .process.                                                                Send your check to:   Fruit of Forgiveness Ministry   1986 Copper Oaks Circle     Blue Springs, MO. 64015                                                                    Your contributions are tax deductible as our ministry is an approved 501C3 non profit. I thank you for reading this letter and for your consideration to our request. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Pastor Dave Hill at (816) 694-0257. We look forward to hearing from you, thank you. Sincerely, Sydnie Petty